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Flipbin Mid-Century Mint Model 45
Flipbin Midnight Shadow Grey Model 45
Model 45
Model 45
Flipbin Snowed-In White Model 45
Flipbin Tangerine Model 45
Flipbin Deep Ocean Blue Green Model 45
Model 45

Model 45

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The Model 45 is our aluminum, powder coated, tabletop storage and display solution for your 7-inch records or comic books.

flipbin® is designed to store and display the records not on your shelves. New additions to the collection? Favorites? Genres? A playlist for guests? The evergrowing random pile next to your turntable?

Each Model 45 holds approximately 45 7-inch records or comics and features: 

  • All-aluminum, single-piece construction
  • "Kickstand" for free-standing support (no walls needed!) 
  • Welded for strength
  • Felt feet to protect surface
  • High quality powder coated finish available in multiple colors
  • Made with love in Chicago, IL, USA


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