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Made in Chicago

Reconnecting With Your Collection

Storage and display solutions for analog stuff!

We have shelves (and crates!) but we wanted something different - something beautiful and functional for the "Now Playing" or favorite records in our collection. We needed it to safely store those records conveniently close to our turntable, that allowed us to flip-thru 'em, and provided a way to display what was on deck while we were listening to it. Simple, right?

Fast forward through a lot of research, a lot of trial and error, quite a few prototypes, some missteps, a Kickstarter campaign, more ups and downs than a roller-coaster, a lot of hard work and a whole lotta love and here we are!

flipbin® is the storage and display solution designed by us but made for you! It's the new home for your analog collection and we hope you love what we've put so much effort into making a reality. We designed it to be functional, and beautiful, and we hope you dig as much as we do.

Team flipbin!

A new home for the vinyl
you're now playing.

How We Make flipbin

Storage and display solutions for analog stuff!

We believe it's important for you to know how much work goes into creating each patent-pending flipbin we make. It's not a simple or short process, and we use the finest materials and craftsmanship to build each one. That quality is important to us and we'll always put that same effort into everything we make. That's a promise! Each flipbin begins as a sheet of aluminum that's laser-cut into shape.

Next, they're run through a series of bending procedures (8-10) to create the final shape. The kickstand and tabs are welded in place and each flipbin is inspected for quality control. After all of this, we send 'em to our finishing facilities for the finest powder-coated finishes available...and then, finally to each of you!

We're very proud of the fact that all of this happens here in our hometown of Chicago, IL. USA and we hope you appreciate our dedication to not only the quality but also being "Made in USA!"