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kitty wells flipbin vinyl record display with shinola turntable


I'm a nut for music, and I LOVE my records, and that's what brought me here. I needed a place for the records in my collection that weren't in shelves - the ones I'm listening to / just picked up / favorites, etc., and wanted something more than just a crate. Simple! :)
Aquarius, kinda short, have an MFA, owned a small IT company, and now live on a farm with an amazing wife (!), awesome dogs, work a couple day jobs, and this is my cool little idea come to life...since 2016 when I launched a Kickstarter (w/ a lot of help from a lot of friends). I'm a lucky guy.
I'm pretty excited to be here, making a thing (entirely in the U.S.A.) I'm proud of for something I love (records), and I'm grateful for all the support! It's a thrill to take an idea, actually make it and hear others share how much they dig it, and that makes my day. Thanks again for your support!  


Hit me up if you want to talk shop, tell us what you think, or just say hey.
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