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Model 45

Model 45



We expect to have delivery in ~3 weeks, give or take week; things are moving a bit slowly with all that's going on, but that's our estimate based on conversations with our mfg. team. We will start shipping IMMEDIATELY when we have everything delivered, but we hope you'll bear with us while we navigate all that goes into making this happen! We're SO excited to have inventory again and appreciate everyone's willingness to wait it out! 


The Model 45 is our aluminum, powder coated, tabletop storage and display solution for your 7-inch records as well as comic books.

flipbin® is designed to store and display the records not on your shelves. New additions to the collection? Favorites? Genres? A playlist for guests? The evergrowing random pile next to your turntable?

Each Model 45 holds approximately 45 7-inch records (aka 45s) and features: 

  • All-aluminum, single-piece construction
  • "Kickstand" for free-standing support (no walls needed!) 
  • Welded for strength
  • Felt feet to protect surface
  • High quality powder coated finish available in multiple colors
  • Made with love in Chicago, IL, USA


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